5 Allergens Lurking in Your Siesta Key, FL, Home

For those who have allergies, poor indoor air quality can be a serious issue. Everyone loves the Florida sunshine, but they don’t necessarily like the allergens that come with it. Here are five allergens that could float around in your Siesta Key, FL, home and how to eliminate them easily:


Dust is an allergen that’s difficult to escape, but Florida sands can make it worse. Sand produces larger dust particles, and it often has sharp edges. The larger dust particles can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, even in those without allergies.

Changing your air filters regularly can help cut down on dust in your home and make enjoying the Florida climate much more enjoyable. You might need to change your filters more often if you live in a place with a lot of sand, such as Siesta Key. You can have a professional install them, or you can order the filters through our website and do it yourself.

Biological Pathogens

Biological pathogens are other common causes of allergies in the home. They love a dark, moist, warm environment, and the Florida climate is perfect for it. Anywhere you have a leak or moisture accumulation, such as underneath sinks or if you have a pipe leak, these pathogens can begin to grow.

Another place where this type of growth can be problematic is in the ductwork of your home. Condensation can accumulate on dust in the ductwork, creating a perfect climate for pathogens to grow. The worst part is that it will spread quickly throughout every room of your home, making it difficult to eliminate once it gets started.

Having regular duct cleaning can help make your ducts less hospitable environments for the growth of these pathogens. A professional cleaning reaches deep into the ducts to places your vacuum cleaner cannot and does a more thorough job.

Pet Allergens

We love our pets, but those with allergies often have to make sure to keep their HVAC systems in proper working order so that it can remove dander and other sources of allergens from them. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” dog or cat breed. People can even have allergies to hairless breeds.

Allergies aren’t always about the hair. Different substances trigger different people. Some people are allergic to dander whereas others are allergic to saliva, urine, pet litter, wood shavings and other items associated with your pet. Installing a proper filtration system, vacuuming often and replacing the carpet with hardwood floors can help.


Pollen is a problem throughout the spring and summer. Siesta Key is known for its lush landscapes, beautiful gardens and ocean breezes. Along with these comes pollen and the allergy symptoms that go with them.

We can help you get the most enjoyment out of your home or business by performing an evaluation to make sure you have proper ventilation. Sealing any cracks and installing an air purification system can go a long way in reducing the pollen that can enter your home.


The thought of pests like cockroaches in your home can make anyone’s skin crawl. Unfortunately, cockroaches and other pests love Florida’s climate. If you live in Siesta Key, it’s important to reduce the environment in which they like to thrive.

For instance, they love dark, moist environments, so repairing any plumbing issues can make your home less attractive to them. Adding dehumidification can also help to eliminate them by reducing favorite breeding environments.

Maintaining your HVAC system, changing your filters regularly, cleaning the ducts and installing a dehumidifier can help eliminate many of the most common sources of allergens in your home. Contact our professional team at Custom Air & Plumbing to see what our indoor air quality services can do for improving life for those with allergies in your home.

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