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Comments Off on Manage IAQ by Evaluating the Entire Home

The first step toward improving indoor air quality (IAQ) throughout your home involves assessing its current condition with regard to various contaminants, and employing a workable strategy room by room. The most visible substances are generally mold and dust. Other irritants are often microscopic as some forms of bacteria as well as volatile organic compounds […]

Comments Off on Tips for Reading and Understanding the EnergyGuide Label

When it’s time to buy a new appliance or HVAC equipment, you may notice the EnergyGuide label. This label displays how much energy the equipment uses and makes it easier for homeowners to compare the energy use of similar items. Saving energy is good for both your wallet and the environment. The EnergyGuide label offers […]

Comments Off on Pay Attention to Landscaping Around the A/C for System Efficiency

Many homeowners prefer to camouflage the appearance of their central A/C unit’s outdoor cabinet, so they’ll often add shrubbery and other landscaping around the unit to hide it from view. In addition to sprucing up your home’s appearance, adding some creative landscaping around your A/C unit can also help shade it from direct sunlight, improving […]

Comments Off on Ceiling Fan Direction Can Impact Your Comfort and Utility Bills

It’s often the simple things that can make a difference to your home’s comfort and efficiency, like ceiling fan direction, for instance. When you install a ceiling fan with a reverse switch, you can save money on your utility bills without diminishing your home’s comfort with just a flip of the switch, winter or summer. […]

Comments Off on Is a Zoning System Right for Your Thibodaux Home?

A zoning system for your home’s HVAC system may be the most convenient and efficient way to assure comfortable temperatures throughout while also saving energy. Most homes use just one thermostat to control comfort levels, regardless of different thermal factors. Zoning systems solve the problems associated with solar orientation, room usage and personal preferences. Who […]

Comments Off on Plumbing Emergencies Are Messy – 6 Helpful Steps

When plumbing misbehaves, water damage is the most frequent consequence. If you have ever experienced a pipe, toilet or faucet break, you know how big of a problem a water issue can be for your home and your family. In the U.S., water is second only to fire as a cause of property damage claims […]

Comments Off on How 2015 Water Heater Standards Will Impact You

Whether you are renovating your home, or just looking at options for a new water heater, the 2015 regulations are important to know so you can have an educated conversation with your plumbing contractor. Water heaters are evaluated by the efficiency factor (EF) rating, prominently displayed on the unit’s yellow Energy Guide sticker. Efficiency factor […]

Comments Off on Changing the Furnace Filter Impacts Your HVAC System Efficiency

Reducing heating and cooling bills is on the minds of many Sarasota area homeowners these days. Programmable thermostats are more popular than ever, and high-efficiency HVAC systems are in more homes. One simple task that drives HVAC system efficiency that doesn’t require programming or a substantial investment is changing the furnace filter regularly. Filters Protect […]

Comments Off on The Pros and Cons About Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Room additions and retrofits add usable living space and value to a home, but they also add extra square footage that requires cooling and heating. Or perhaps you want supplemental air conditioning for a specific room, garage or outbuilding, and you’re searching for the most practical and comfortable option for your Sarasota home. Keep reading […]

Comments Off on Duct and Furnace Noises You May Hear in Your Sarasota Home

If you just started to hear those thumps and whistles, you may be concerned about what’s going on. The good news is that most duct and furnace noise is nothing to worry about. However, on occasion, it can be something serious.