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Comments Off on 3 Ways Duct Cleaning Will Save You Money on Your Utility Bill

Cleaning the ducts in your Manatee County, Florida, home can help identify leaks in your ductwork, improve HVAC effectiveness as well as overall air quality. Here are three ways duct cleaning saves you money on your monthly energy bill. Identifies Leaky Ductwork Before beginning duct cleaning, a qualified HVAC contractor will inspect your duct system. […]

Comments Off on Ways to Effectively Improve Indoor Air Quality

Even though the weather in Sarasota, Florida is generally nice year-round, whether it’s work, school, or home, we can easily end up spending the majority of our time indoors. If we are not careful, however, this can be bad for our health. As indoor air has been found to be even more polluted than outdoor […]

Comments Off on What You Should Know About IAQ and Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can make it hard for you or your child to enjoy the activities you really love. The change of the seasons may bring some relief for many Sarasota residents who are

Comments Off on Four Ways You Might Be Wasting Energy in Your Florida Home

Without even realizing it, there’s a chance that you are wasting energy in your Sarasota, Florida, home. From outdated thermostats and HVAC units to simple things such as leaving the refrigerator door open, you are letting money float right out the window. Make the change now, and see the difference on your monthly energy bills. […]

Comments Off on Humidifiers Improve IAQ and Keep Your Family Healthy

Humidity levels in your Sarasota, Florida, home can cause several issues. These problems can either stem from a lack of moisture in the air or not enough moisture – depending on the time of the year. Humidity levels can affect anything from the indoor air quality to your health. In our region with many months […]

Comments Off on Effective Home Temperature Control from Carrier

Today, technological developments are changing the standards of almost every market, and the HVAC industry is no exception. The Infinity line of thermostats, for example, is among Carrier’s intuitive, connected system of HVAC products. These systems work together to give you greater freedom and control over your Sarasota home’s temperature and air quality, all with […]

Comments Off on AC Replacement Requires Thinking About Lifetime Costs

AC systems in the Sarasota are exposed to ocean air and warm, humid weather throughout much of the year. It is important to choose a quality air conditioner with durable components that can keep your home comfortable. With so many new AC features available today, making the right purchase decision might be easier said than […]

Comments Off on 4 Ways to Preserve Your Outdoor Unit this Winter

With milder temperatures approaching, many homeowners in Sarasota, Florida, look forward to turning off their air conditioner so they can save energy. Apart from reducing performance time, there are a few things you should consider that can help to preserve your outdoor unit this winter. Clean Your Unit Before it starts getting chilly outside, make […]

Comments Off on Pros and Cons of Repairing vs Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Your first instinct may be to repair any issues you are having with your HVAC system. Although many times, a simple repair is all you need to keep your Sarasota home comfortable, other times it is not the best option. Consider all the factors before deciding whether you need to repair or replace your air […]

Comments Off on Mistakes that Cost You and Your HVAC System

You may be tempted to try to save money in your Sarasota home by skimping on maintenance or improvements for your heating and cooling systems. However doing so, is a bad idea. Failing to properly use and take care of your HVAC system may be costing you more than you realize. Failing to Change your […]