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Comments Off on 3 Ways to Go Green With Shower Upgrades

Being more mindful of precious resources and making a change in everyday activities can help you to reduce energy and water consumption. Go green and save both energy and water with these three shower upgrades in your Sarasota, Florida, home. Invest in an Efficient Showerhead Not all showerheads are efficient, and some are downright wasteful […]

Comments Off on 4 Ways to Keep Your Water Heater Working Efficiently

Like most major systems in your Sarasota, Florida home, the water heater needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. Keep your water heater operating efficiently by using the following four methods. Flush the Sediment Over time, most water heating systems accumulate sediments or mineral deposits which lower efficiency and compromise the system’s performance. To make sure […]

Comments Off on 5 Ways to Protect Your Florida Home Until Next Winter

Spring is here, Easter has passed, and that means you may be thinking about heading back up north before the Sarasota, Florida, heat gets too bad. Before you go, protect your Florida home so when you return in the colder months everything is the way you left it. Take a look at different ways to […]

Comments Off on How Ductless Systems Work

A ductless system can be a great air conditioning option in our area. Find out more about how ductless systems work and how they can increase comfort and energy efficiency in your Sarasota, Florida, home. Effective Cooling Systems If you can’t bear the thought of one more spring and summer with air conditioning that just […]

Comments Off on 5 Ways to Reduce High Water Heating Bills

It’s not unusual to see a higher-than-average energy bill every now and then. This is often in response to a change in your heating and cooling needs. However, some of this increase can be traced back to your water heater, as it is one of the largest energy consumers in your Sarasota, Florida home. Fortunately, […]

Comments Off on 3 Ways Duct Cleaning Will Save You Money on Your Utility Bill

Cleaning the ducts in your Manatee County, Florida, home can help identify leaks in your ductwork, improve HVAC effectiveness as well as overall air quality. Here are three ways duct cleaning saves you money on your monthly energy bill. Identifies Leaky Ductwork Before beginning duct cleaning, a qualified HVAC contractor will inspect your duct system. […]

Comments Off on Ways to Effectively Improve Indoor Air Quality

Even though the weather in Sarasota, Florida is generally nice year-round, whether it’s work, school, or home, we can easily end up spending the majority of our time indoors. If we are not careful, however, this can be bad for our health. As indoor air has been found to be even more polluted than outdoor […]

Comments Off on What You Should Know About IAQ and Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can make it hard for you or your child to enjoy the activities you really love. The change of the seasons may bring some relief for many Sarasota residents who are

Comments Off on Four Ways You Might Be Wasting Energy in Your Florida Home

Without even realizing it, there’s a chance that you are wasting energy in your Sarasota, Florida, home. From outdated thermostats and HVAC units to simple things such as leaving the refrigerator door open, you are letting money float right out the window. Make the change now, and see the difference on your monthly energy bills. […]

Comments Off on Humidifiers Improve IAQ and Keep Your Family Healthy

Humidity levels in your Sarasota, Florida, home can cause several issues. These problems can either stem from a lack of moisture in the air or not enough moisture – depending on the time of the year. Humidity levels can affect anything from the indoor air quality to your health. In our region with many months […]