Although many people in Sarasota, Florida, have made energy-efficient upgrades to their home, an ultra-efficient home is a completely different level. Ultra-efficient homes use a very small amount of conventional power methods to run them. Ultra-efficient homes don’t allow any unwanted air to come in or escape, and they are often powered by alternative power sources. 

Airtight Home

Ultra-efficient homes are sealed up tight. They don’t typically have duct work because that is a main place where air leaks from the home. These super-sealed homes must have a type of mechanical ventilation since no fresh air can penetrate the walls, windows, doors, or roof. Although it’s good for your energy bill, it could be bad for air quality without proper ventilation. By sealing the home airtight, you don’t risk losing any of the energy from your heater or air conditioner, which means you use much less power. 

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Lighting

Ultra-efficient homes use energy-efficient appliances and lighting to keep the monthly utility bills down and to lower the carbon footprint. They are also built to optimize the sunlight instead of relying on light bulbs. You won’t typically see recessed lighting since that is a place where air can escape in a home. Not only are energy-efficient appliances used, but they are also often powered by solar power to save extra energy throughout the home. 

Alternative HVAC Options

You won’t find an ultra-efficient home with a traditional HVAC system. Although conventional systems have come a long way, they still can’t compare with heat pumps, mini-splits, or geothermal heating and cooling, especially considering ductwork is a big culprit for energy loss in the home. Geothermal heating and cooling are some of the most energy-efficient options for heating and cooling. In some places, the homes are so efficient that a heating and cooling system isn’t even necessary.

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